Thursday, 20 September 2012


Other times for instance when I pulled over wrongly and I am supposed to get fined but because of my face, I was let off the hook. I have seen things even beyond me and I just wonder and ask why God has decided to favour me. I won’t say that this one or that one is the biggest. But the one that amazed me till date is a car gift from a fan. I got a call one day and the person asked if I’m Bimbo Omo Getto. 

I answered in affirmation then he said, I’m a huge fan and he started saying a lot of things. Next he said that he wouldn’t want to embarrass me but would like to give me a car gift. I was like are you kidding me or is this a scam?

To show how serious he was, he offered to send his driver to deliver the Murano Jeep to me. I have seen a lot. Some people have told me that if I do the role over and over again, they will still watch it. But I tell them that as an actress, if I can do that very good, that means I can also do the same role extremely better, Bimbo recalls how she got a big one from a big fan of hers. When asked if she saw the car gift coming her way the time it did, hear what she said, “no, I didn’t. I had a car that I was using before that Murano Jeep came in.”

What Bimbo did not comment on is what happened afterward with the fan, if he asked for anything in return of the good gesture. However, we are happy for her that a fan has really appreciated her effort without asking anything in return.

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